Providing a Consistent Product for Over a Decade

Consistently maintaining your clients brand identity throughout each project is my top priority. We both know this is paramount. As a sole proprietorship/small business you know exactly who you will be partnering with to get your projects done right and in a timely manner. ION Graphic Design Works has been helping government contract holders maintain constancy, stay on schedule, and on budget.

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It has been my pleasure to collaborate with John Snow, Inc. on the following projects:

  • Building Healthy Cities (active)
  • Advancing Nutrition (active).

I have also collaborated with The Manoff Group on the:

  • Supply Chain Management System (SCMS)
  • Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM)
  • and various others.

NOTE: Samples shown are not an endorsement of the client.

DUNS: 021772872

NAICS Codes: 541430 | 511199 | 511130 | 511120 | 323122 | PSC T001


Relevant Application Knowledge Base: Adobe Creative Cloud | Office 365


Sample Work:


Project: Pathways OVC Project | Posters

Project: Building Healthy Cities | PPT Infographics

Project: SPRING | Infographics

Project: PFSCM | RSM Logo

Project: SCMS | Botswana Posters (set of 4)

Project: DELIVER | Presentation Poster

Project: DELIVER | Info-graphic for PPT and Print Application

Project: DELIVER | LLINs Poster

Project: AIDSTAR-One | WASH Poster

Client Feedback

Jeff Hall has provided extensive design services for us regarding historic trails interpretation panels for the National Park Service and the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. He also created an historic trails photo power point program for a presentation to the National Partnership of Historic Trails. Jeff’s work is first rate and it has received  the enthusiastic approval of the various agencies involved and the community. He is responsive, talented, most creative and a pleasure to work with. We recommend him without reservation.

—Louis Austin,

President, 3-Trails West, Inc.


Jeff Hall has provided design and desktop publishing support to our communications unit for over ten years. We keep coming back to him because he is responsive, talented, and incredibly conscientious. He stays in touch, asks good questions, make creative suggestions, and knows how to build visually effective documents and designs. We throw challenges his way and he consistently delivers fantastic results.

—Communications Manager,

international public health consulting firm


I've had the pleasure of working with Jeffrey Hall on many projects for three different government subcontracts over the last few years and have found him to be flexible, versatile, and friendly. He's very familiar  with government branding guidelines and policies and delivers high-quality products on time for very reasonable prices—I highly recommend him.

—Communications Associate

international public health consulting firm



I've had the pleasure of working with Jeff, and I've found him to be fast, reliable, and above all professional. As a designer and artist he is a problem solver, I know once it's in his hands, he can handle anything I throw at him.

—Gus E. Osorio

Art Director, The Manoff Group


Jeff showed considerable flexibility in addressing our project’s needs. Whether we were seeking his expertise to help create a vision for materials to meet a specific communications goal or simply turn rough designs we had made into final products, the end result was consistently excellent.

—Paul Crystal

Communications Manager, USAID/BASICS III Project (2004-2009)


“My book—a scholarly look at historic buildings supplemented with lots of illustrations and photographs—would be a challenge for any book designer. But, Jeff transformed my lengthy, double-spaced manuscript with 250+ illustrations into a 352-page book that is the perfect blend of text and images. He chose a typeface that is easy on the eyes and the book's layout is superb, with a nice visual balance between paragraphs and illustrations. It greatly exceeded my expectations! Jeff put a lot of thought into everything he did and strove to make sure I approved of everything, from the front cover to the index.”

—Joan Berkey

author of Early Architecture of Cape May County
Produced for the Cape May County Historical
and Genealogical Society